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Sunday, December 19, 2010

ATD Physical Model (Phase 1)

This post contains the physical model for Phase 1 of the All Travel Data physical schema. It's using a great feature in Enterprise Architect that will dim certain diagram elements based on a filter. The hotel tables and the common client table are flagged as Phase 1.0 and the cruise tables are for Phase 2.0.

This is a link for a larger display.

This is the data dictionary for the schema tables

  • ATD_CLIENT. A table for processing; will be expanded to things like folders, etc
  • ATD_CLIENT_HOTEL. A lookup table mapping a Brand (company) to the unique Client ID
  • ATD_HOTEL. A table of hotel information
  • ATD_SERVICE. A list of Services available to a hotel; like 'Swimming Pool'
  • ATD_HOTEL_SERVICE. A join table between a Hotel and a set of Services

The ATD_CLIENT is a company that manages one or more ATD_HOTELS. One or more ATD_SERVICES may be offered by a hotel.

The diagram is an E-R diagram and is written in the Unified Modeling Language, or UML. Directed arrows indicate the roles, foreign keys, and cardinality.

The All Travel Data DaaS example will start with some simple information about hotels.

This post is replicated from http://my.opera.com/walkerca/blog/2010/12/15/atd-physical-model-phase-1.

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