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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Use a Null Connector to Use Maps with Args from Process Designer

Process Designer can pass variables to Map Designer for the source of a transformation

In a previous post, a pair of DJImport/DJExport objects were used to load data from a spreadsheet to a MySQL table. These objects were used instead of a map because one of the input fields needed to be parsed into multiple records. However, DJExport recreated the target table which might not be desireable or even feasible in certain environments.

If that's the case, consider this approach. Retain the looping structure of Process Designer, but rather than making DJExport calls to write out records, use Map Designer. Have Process Designer pass variables to Map Designer within the loop. Use a Null source connector in Map Designer to act like a single source record and then map imported process variables rather than input data fields.

I noticed slow performance calling a map repeatedly within the Process Designer loop as compared to DJExport's PutRecord. It may be better to use an intermediary spooled file to gather the refined input for a bulk transformation out to MySQL.

A video tutorial on this topic is at http://www.bekwam.com.

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