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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Open Source DaaS with Talend

If you're looking for an open source integration tool, consider Talend Open Studio.  Talend let's you create ETL and other integration processes using a panel-based Eclipse IDE (Galileo).  Talend works with many sources and targets including Excel, flat files, XML, and relational databases.  When creating processes with Talend, there is a rich library of Components which are packaged objects for transformations and scripting.

Talend generates code, either Java or Perl.  I noticed a  lag when generating the objects on a laptop or starting Open Studio.  One time, this resulted in a strange delimited file preview exception that was corrected when I restarted Open Studio.  I have Open Studio configured to run the Generation Engine Initialization routines in the foreground and haven't seen a reoccurence.

I've also had to delete files from the metadata/fileDelimited folder after deleting something from the IDE.  Open Studio wouldn't let me re-use the name of a File Delimited.  This may be an Eclipse convention, but Eclipse usually prompts you to do a complete delete from the file system.

Look for future posts on implementing Data-as-a-Service with Talend.

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