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Monday, March 21, 2011

BRules 0.1 Released for Talend Open Studio

BRules is a collection of routines that validate data elements in Talend Open Studio.  Version 0.1 which validates phone numbers using Google's libphonenumber library was uploaded to Talend Exchange.

Routines developed in Talend Open Studio can be exported and uploaded to the Talend Exchange where it can be shared among other member of the Talend community.

The Talend Exchange now includes a collection of routines called BRules.  BRules version 1.0 wraps up a phone number validation objects from Google Code into static methods which are used in a Talend component like tMap.  BRules was developed in Eclipse with a few unit tests to test boundary conditions.

Once the code was written, the following procedure was used to bring BRules into Talend Open Studio.
  1. Right-click on Routines add the name "BRules".
  2. Cut-and-paste the Java code from Eclipse, leaving the package statement from the generated file. ("package routines;")
  3. Right-click on the routine name.  Select Edit Routine Libraries.
  4. Navigate to the JAR files.
Test the routine with a job using a tMap.  Then export the job, right-click on and select Export Items.  In the exported folder, edit the project file to remove the job specifics.  Zip the file and upload.

This is a link to the project homepage on Talend Exchange.  Look for "BRules" under routines.


It's easy to contribute to Talend both in terms of code writing and making your code availble to others.


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