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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Deleting Ruler Guidelines in Jasper iReport

To delete a ruler guideline in Jasper iReport, drag the guideline off the screen: left for a vertical ruler, up for a horizontal.

In Jasper iReport, ruler guidelines are used to position elements on a report.  For example, a vertical guideline can be added that aligns a set of elements that span title, detail, and page footer.  Dragging elements like static text will snap to the guideline.

A Jasper iReport Ruler

To delete the guideline, drag the arrow icon past the zero position of the ruler.  For a vertical guideline, this is left.  For a horizontal guideline, this is up.

Some tools delete guidelines by double-clicking.  Some delete guidelines by a right-click menu operations.  Jasper iReport adds guidelines by a click on the ruler and deletes them with a drag.


  1. Thank you very much, I was going mad on this thing!

  2. my ask u, i will working with jasper report for the first time, can u tell me, what article that i must read first here? tia

    1. Hi,

      The best place to start is here: http://bekwam.blogspot.com/2011/03/tutoriala-jasper-report-in-under-9.html. This is a video that walks through the creation of a Jasper Report with iReport Designer.

      Good luck

  3. Useful, thanks!

  4. 2017 and it's still usefull. Thank's a lot