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Saturday, March 12, 2011

[TUTORIAL] Subtotaling with Jaspersoft iReport Designer

This tutorial shows how to create a subtotal on a group using Jaspersoft iReport Designer.


  1. Enjoyed all you videos, Trying to learn to edit some reports for POS.
    I am having trouble sub totaling time, all the rest group correctly.
    I have 4 columns, Name, BeginShift, EndShift, and Total. Total is the difference of Begin & End Shifts, which works perfectly.
    I followed the above video everything groups correctly but the subtotal does not sum it only returns the "Total" entry for the last listed time in each Employee group.
    Any Ideas

    1. Hi,

      Where is SUM command located? It should be in the footer of the subgroup rather than Summary which is used for a grand total.