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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

100 Articles on Talend Open Studio

And here's the 101st...

Since February 2011, I've written 100 Talend Open Studio blog posts on topics ranging from custom component development to XML processing.  Back in February, Talend Open Studio (TOS) was one of many tools in my consulting toolbox that I brought out if needed for a particular job.  Lately, I've been getting consulting jobs based solely on TOS work.

I'm very appreciative of Talend's accessible technology and strong community.  As a consultant, each new technology I learn is an investment, often coming at the cost of billable work.  By creating a community and not simply an application, Talend is sure to be used far into the future.

If you're a subscriber to the Bekwam Data as a Service blog or @bekwamincTwitter feed, you've probably found a lot of useful information. In the next eight months, you'll see more collaboration, interaction, and organization.  More videos.  More audio.  More tools for your TOS toolbox.

Look for the 102nd.

-Carl Walker
President, Bekwam Inc.

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  1. Hello Carl,

    Thank you for this blog post and for being such a great Community contributor. We also appreciate a lot the positive product and community-related feedback.

    Can't wait to read the 102nd blog post!