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Thursday, June 14, 2012

An Imported EJB 3.1 Message Driven Bean in Sparx Systems EA

When you import the source for an EJB 3.1 Message Driven Bean into Sparx System Enterprise Architect (EA), the annotations are maintained in Tagged Values.

 This is an EJB 3.1 Message Driven Bean.  The class is annotated with the @MessageDriven annotation which specifies the queue to which this bean is linked.

An @MessageDriven
In EA, I imported the src/ folder from Eclipse into an EA Class Model.  A Package and Package Diagram, both named "msg", were created.

The Java annotations were added as the Tagged Value "annotations".  The memo value can be edited by pressing the ellipse to display a new dialog.

Annotations Stored in EA Tagged Values
You can edit the annotation here and forward-engineer (EA -> .java) the code.  As with all Java code, you can also use EA's source editor which gives you access to the Java code implementation as well as the annotation.

Source Code Editor in EA

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