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Saturday, December 18, 2010

DaaS Example Businesses

The DaaS example in this blog is a hub of travel information called All Travel Data. This gathers travel data from sources like hotels and cruise lines and publishes the data for interested consumers. A consumer could be a travel web site, a listing of services, or a marketing company arranging advertising.

All Travel Data will have two data sources, Big City Hotels and Great Splash Cruises, and one data consumer: Book Your Travel Web Site. The following is a list of abbreviations that will be used when referring to the sample businesses.

  • ATD. All Travel Data. A DaaS hub of travel data
  • BCH. Big City Hotels. A source of hotel data for ATD
  • GSC. Great Splash Cruises. A source of cruise data for ATD
  • BYT. Book Your Travel Website. A consumer of ATD data

The following diagram shows the data flow through this set of businesses: source (BCH and GSC) -> hub (ATD) -> consumer (BYT). BCH will send its data in a comma-separated value (CSV) format. GSC will send its data in XML format. ATD will make its data available in a variety of formats.

This post is replicated from http://my.opera.com/walkerca/blog/daas-business.

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