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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Outline View in Talend Open Studio

Use the Outline View in Talend Open Studio to keep track of component return values.  This includes user-defined values configured in a tSetGlobal.

Sometimes, you'll work in an area of Talend Open Studio where Code Assist isn't available.  For example, if you're parameterizing a query in the SQL Builder window.  If the parameters require working with one or more return values from preceding components, it can be difficult to recall the exact names.

The Outline View displays a list of the return values available in a component.  "tLoop" lists CURRENT_VALUE and CURRENT_ITERATION.  Variables defined in a tSetGlobalVar are also listed.  The following screenshot shows the return values available for the components in a job.  "Query" is available from a tAccessInput.  A user-defined variable "recordIdList" is available from the globalMap via a tSetGlobalVar.

Outline View 
Outline View can be docked neatly and displayed alongside Component View or behind a dialog like the SQL Builder dialog.  Use the Outline View to help keep track of both standard return values and user-defined values.

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