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Sunday, December 4, 2011

64-bit Microsoft Access with Talend Open Studio Data Integrator

If you have trouble connecting to Microsoft Access with Talend Open Studio Data Integrator on a 64-bit machine, the problem may be that 64-bit ODBC drivers are missing.

To use Microsoft Access as a connection in Talend Open Studio Data Integrator (TOS), create a Db Connection in the Metadata.

Create a Db Connection with Microsoft Access in TOS
If you get a connection failuure, the problem is likely not with TOS.  Chances are, the problem is with the ODBC drivers that are available.  Look at the Drivers in the ODBC Data Source Administrator panel (Control Panel > Admin).  If the list doesn't contain one for Microsoft Access, you'll need to reinstall your copy of Microsoft Access or Office.

Microsoft Office Professional 2010's installation encourages you to install the 32-bit version for compatibility reasons, even if the target machine is 64-bit.  To install the 64-bit version, you have to exit out of the startup screen and navigate to a x64 folder and run that setup script.

If you want to continue using the 32-bit version (for compatibility reasons), then you'll need to run the 32-bit version of TOS which may require a 32-bit version of Java.  This will pick up the 32-bit version of the ODBC drivers which includes Access drivers from the Office install.

For my setup, I'm running the 64-bit version of Java 7 with the 64-it version of TOS v5.

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