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Friday, March 30, 2012

Screenshot of a tFileInputJSON Component

A few readers have asked about tFileInputJSON.  This post shows a simple job that writes the JSON structure shown in the foreground.

This JSON structure is based on the a structure "attribs" which has fields of name and value.

A Talend Job Featuring the tFileInputJSON Component
The result of running the job is the following

Starting job JSONInputJob at 15:41 30/03/2012.

[statistics] connecting to socket on port 3501
[statistics] connected
[statistics] disconnected
Job JSONInputJob ended at 15:41 30/03/2012. [exit code=0]

Note that the two JSON paths are not correlated.  This means that every attribs record will need to have the full set of fields.  Taking out 'name' from req|1 will shuffle up the name of data.


  1. hi carl. i have downloaded solr components from talend exchange .I did not understand how to use this components. Canu explain a job on the solr components ?

  2. Hi Naresh,

    I haven't used these components yet. Keep checking in as I'm working with Alfresco (4.0 uses Solr) now and may feature an Alfresco / Talend integration soon.

  3. You rock. Thanks for this! Funny how one screenshot can be far more useful than the doc at times