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Saturday, December 18, 2010



I left the recent IntegratioNEXT 2010 conference in Austin with a profound appreciation for the fine work of Pervasive Software in making a world-class tool for dealing with data. I was so impressed, that I'm retooling my business (Bekwam, Inc.) to focus on services and software around Pervasive's fine products.

Part of this retooling is in response to changes I've seen in my own career as a consultant for Bekwam. As web applications are rolled out, I'm being increasingly called on to work on "back-end" services. That is, once the initial burst of creativity of creating forms and UI widgets, the real work of integrating an application into a business begins. This integration takes the form of data exchange: web services, database transfers, data warehouses, XML. And Pervasive Data Integrator is ideally suited for this.

Coding tasks need to get done in minutes. And to achieve this, it's not enough to simply buy a piece of software -- as good as it is -- and begin using it. Even with training, it takes good design and constant introspection to keep the transformations running smoothly and the data-driven services highly-available. This is where Bekwam can help. Bekwam brings years of applications, reporting and data warehousing experience to a consulting engagement to give the "big picture" to your development project. The big picture and an agile methodology lead to a robust system that can scale as your business changes.

-Carl Walker
President, Bekwam Inc.

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