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Sunday, January 2, 2011

[TUTORIAL] Text File to MySQL Table with Talend

This tutorial loads a MySQL table with contact data from a CSV file using Talend Open Studio.  Talend Open Studio is an Eclipse-based open source integration tool that handles many different formats and provides a rich library of objects for transformation and scripting.

This tutorial performs the load by
  1. Defining a source schema based on a delimited text file (CSV),
  2. Defining a target schema based on a relational table (MySQL), and
  3. Using the tMap component to map the source fields to the target fields.
The definitions are part of a Talend Job which is then run.  The result is a MySQL table containing 29 input records from the 29 record input text file.

NOTE: As I was preparing the demo, I deleted and re-created the source and target metadata several times over.  The initial project I created was scrapped, because I was unable to create the source and target metadata. The files were there, it just wasn't appearing in the IDE.  After deleting the entire workspace and creating a new workspace and project, everything worked well and Open Studio was responsive.

I recommend running the Generation Engine in the foreground to avoid this.  The initialization procedure, which took 4-5 minutes on my laptop, was only run once at the start of the workspace and project creation.  After that, I didn't have to wait.

If you'd like to recreate the demo, here is the data file of sample contacts and here is some MySQL DDL for the table.


  1. If you want to generate JSON using Talend Open Studio, check out Text File to JSON with Talend.

  2. Here's another tutorial that normalizes data with Talend: Turning Columns into Rows.

  3. "and all the records are there" lol